The Reluctant Kelpish Bride (personal work)

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The Football Player

Shot for the Inlander’s Short Story Edition. The story is he’s an ex NCHS football player trying to work his way back into shape (he’s actually a Whitworth guy). The look we were going for was a cold day with an infinite sky to blend into the printed page. The only change I would have made was the time of day the photos were taken. It ended up being a much brighter day than I was hoping for.

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Gonzaga Men’s Basketball Photography

Shot for the Inlander.

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Inlander Covers

Here are a couple of Inlander covers I’ve shot over the last 6 months. The first was for the recent mental health issue and the second was for a photo project I worked on over the summer. My 6 year old was hiding behind the door operating the fog machine for the second shot so she gets credit for that.

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Introducing Super Mighty Booth

I am starting a new photo booth business here in Spokane. It’s based on the photo booth I’ve been offering to wedding clients the past few years. It’s called Super Mighty Booth and it is what it says. A bigger and, I think, better version of the photo booths that have become popular.

It’s a great option to take your party or event to the next level of awesome and memorable.

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