January Goals

I am getting overwhelmed with the amount of information I am taking in and think it would be good to set some goals each month for my learning. I was also inspired by the article on Digital Photography School -  30 Photographic Goals for 2010.

For January, and since it’s hand-achingly cold here in Spokane:

  1. I am going to learn to shoot a nice indoor portrait. Specifically the photo should have:
  • Accurate recreation of colors
  • Sharp focus on the subject
  • Artistic use of depth of field to isolate the subject

2.  Sell one of my less desirable lenses and the 20D body. I got a little overeager and bought a nice used Canon 20D on eBay only to find a 30D on Craigslist for just a tad more. So now I have a 20D arriving any day and definitely need to sell it along with one of the low end zooms. I have the 18-55 kit zoom and the 75-300mm. Both don’t garner good reviews but I don’t have the cash for a better lens right now and want to experiment with zooms to know what range I might like when I can afford something better.

  • Use both zoom lenses indoor and out and determine which I prefer to keep based on image quality.
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