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The Bee Hive Arrives

I bid on an eBay auction for 2 AB B800s, a B400 plus the hardshell carrying case. I wasn’t expecting to win because I bid pretty low but…here they are. My plan is to resell the B400 and the case. … Continue reading

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Lens Length Effect on Depth of Field

Here’s a question that I can’t find the answer to online… Why do people say, for example, that a 100mm lens provides better shallow DoF blur than say a 50mm? I am under the impression that shooting a subject with … Continue reading

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First Shoot with a Stranger

Strobist info: Shot with an on camera Speedlite with Stofen. Flash angled away from subject towards gold reflector camera left. This last Saturday I did my first shoot with someone I didn’t know previously. I posted an ad on Craigslist … Continue reading

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A good friend of mine who had just finished a 5 mile race (top two) and wearing a new coat. I was looking forward to printing a 3 piece set of the running photos but two of them couldn’t be … Continue reading

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Costco Frames, A Great Deal

I’ve been buying my frames from Costco since the beginning of the year and wanted to let anyone out there looking for affordable quality frames know about the great deal. The above photo from my phone cam is of an … Continue reading

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