Canon 24-70mm 2.8L Test Shots

Here’s a couple test shots I just took during lunch with my new Canon 24-70mm lens.

I already love the quiet and super fast focus as well as the new perspectives and range afforded with a zoom lens (vs. my 50mm lens I’ve been using).

I am a bit disappointed in the sharpness of the lens vs my $90 50mm prime. I know primes are sharper generally speaking but I definitely thought this L series zoom would out perform in all categories vs my cheapo prime. It doesn’t in the sharpness category and this seems ludicrous for the price. I want to give it time to grow on me but have already thought about just selling it and grabbing another prime for much less.

Update: I ended up doing a sharpness test (Get it here) and found the lens was back-focusing so since it was under warranty I sent it into the Canon service center. Problem fixed, the lens is amazing.

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