Frisbee and a Friend

A few various shots from the last week. No post-processing on the Frisbee photos and just a bit of sharpening and crop on the friend at the end.

Critique: I like the 3 Frisbee photos because they aren’t zoomed in head shots but are still visually interesting. I am noticing that my default framing is in close. I am sure I do this because of years of trying to make nice photos with crappy cameras where the only way I knew to get a good shallow DoF look was to get in close. Admittedly it’s easier to make a “nice” looking photo when you are in close to your subject. The background blurs over a wide range of apertures and you aren’t forced to think much about the background. I want to be a better photographer then this though so I need to keep working on framing beyond what has been my comfort zone.



IMG_7292 copy

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