Musicians Portrait

A recent photo shot for Faith Bible Church here in Spokane. The church is redoing their college room and wants 10 posters depicting student life. Pictured are Ian (left) and Corey jamming in the basement of a Whitworth University dorm. They like the acoustics and play here regularly.

Critique: It was a small space so I had to shoot wider than I would have liked. You can definitely see the wide-angle distortion. I also wish there was a bit of space between the headstock of Ian’s guitar and Corey’s leg. The shadow in the upper left corner isn’t great either but it’s not a deal breaker for me.

Lighting: Single AB800 through 24 inch softbox (hence the dark shadow in the upper left) camera left.

Thinking about: How much I prefer softboxes to umbrellas. There’s so much more control over the light. I started this shoot with an umbrella and as soon as I went to the softbox the shots were way more interesting.

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