Spokane River

One of the only benefits of a 20 degree day. Shot at the Spokane River near the Downriver disc golf course.

Critique: I love most everything about this shot, from the water current in the bottom right to the ice ball on a stick. Add in some water splashing and you’ve got a keeper. Even though this was shot at 1/1000 of a second I almost think it could have used an even faster shutter speed to perfectly freeze the water action. Might have been nice to be a little more to the right to get rid of the rock in the lower left corner.

Post Processing: A touch of vignette around the edges and I changed the white balance and tint to reflect the frigid conditions a little better. I almost never do this because I place a premium on capturing the moment as it is (e.g. you will never see any of the now ubiquitous HDR here) but it looked so much better so…I made an exception.

Here are a few more photos from my excursion:

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