Skin Retouching

One of my summer photography goals is to improve my post-processing skills. One area I’ve been working on is skin retouching. My gut feelings about retouching is that I don’t really like it. I am drawn to “truthy” photos. I want to see things as they are not Photoshopped to death. However, I do see the benefit of being able to tastefully touch up a photo and create a product that clients will be more happy with. Hopefully it’s as subtle as I mean for it to be.

This is Corey. He’s a painter. We were testing out some new props to add to our wedding photography prop box. These glasses were meant for him. They were seriously thick on the edges. Notice how they squeeze his head in?

Before. Straight out of the camera with no processing.

After. Basic processing in Lightroom and then skin retouching and final sharpening in Photoshop.

Note: The white flecks you see on his face and hair are from painting.

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