Megapixels Don’t Matter, Except When They Do

Did you know that 99% of people can stop caring about how many megapixels their camera has? It’s true! The number of megapixels in even your most basic $100 digital camera are more than enough for most people’s printing needs.  I’ve printed great looking 11x14s with an 8MP DSLR. When’s the last time you printed bigger than that? Probably never unless your a photographer too. The take home here is that you should focus on something other than megapixels when buying your next DSLR camera. Save your megapixel pennies and instead buy a better lens.

The one exception to this rule came to mind this weekend when I had to do a severe crop (more than 50%) on a photo to give it more of the macro look my client was looking for. Cropping is where having all those extra megapixels comes in handy. The end result is an image my client can still use in their print projects.

The first photo is the original and the second is the cropped.

Photographs by Spokane Photographer Stephen Schlange

Photographs by Spokane Photographer Stephen Schlange at Finch Arboretum

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