P. Wrecks for the Inlander

P. Wrecks

This was an interesting assignment from the Inlander for a recent music lead. P. Wrecks is a local rapper who’s lyrics are, let’s say, deeper and more insightful than what you might expect from the genre. My assignment was to create a composite photo capturing this.

I recently purchased the Canon 6D and it can actually build photos like this in-camera using a multiple exposure feature. I played around with this for a while but in the end decided I wanted more control over the final output then it afforded.

The final image is a composite of 4 photos I took on the same miserably cold and rainy day. I shot P. Wrecks with a gridded beauty dish on one of the walkways that pass above I-90 east of downtown Spokane. The other 3 photos used are of the rain on the window of my car, some of his handwritten lyrics and downtown Spokane.

The lyrics are the most important element in making the photo work. I tried to make them surround and even overlay his face a bit like he’s surrounded by the thoughts coming out of his mind.

The end result was accomplished in Photoshop using different layer blending methods and masks. Can you recognize the scene behind Wrecks? I hope not because it doesn’t exist. The downtown buildings were shot from the drop off area in front of the convention center.

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