Canon 6D Review

My big equipment purchase this year was the new Canon 6D released late 2012. I was previously shooting with the original 5D. My main reason for upgrading was the dramatic increase in ISO range (3200 vs 102,400) which is a huge plus for my wedding photography and photo journalism.

I debated between the 5D MKIII and the 6D and ended up going with the 6D simply because I couldn’t justify the $1,000 price difference based on the features and what I would be using it for.

Here’s a quick rundown of the things I like and dislike after using it as my daily shooter for 5 months:

  • Like: The ISO range. It’s everything I was hoping for and has essentially allowed me to ditch the Speedlites for most of my work.
  • Dislike: The shutter release button. It feels slow and spongy compared to the 5D. A small detail but when you’re pressing it 500 times a day it gets annoying.
  • Like: Auto ISO. This allows me to shoot in AV and not have to worry about ensuring my shutter speed is fast enough (you can set a minimum shutter speed when using Auto ISO. The camera won’t go below it).
  • Dislike: Early adopter pains. I’ve never bought a camera so close to its release date and I ended up paying for it. I had to upgrade to the latest version of Lightroom since the 6D wasn’t supported in my 3.x version. This upgrade to Lightroom 4 then killed my ability to tether my 5D to Lightroom since it’s not supported (I use the 5D tethered for a photo booth at weddings) and it messed up the edit in Photoshop from Lightroom since I’m using Photoshop CS5 which is now not compatible with Lightroom 4. Lesson learned.
  • Like: WIFI and what it could mean in the future. The WIFI isn’t really useful to me yet but if they ever create an easy way to WIFI tether I’ll be a very happy camper. Do it Canon, do it now!
  • Dislike: SD cards instead of CF. I’ve never had one fail but compared to CF cards they seem frail and due to their diminutive size I’m always worried about losing them.

Overall I’m happy with my decision. The 5D MKIII will be a better camera for videographers and photographers in need of some of the far end features it has (e.g. 1/8000 max shutter speed vs 1/4000 on the 6D) but for most situations I find myself in the 6D is amazing (as is the $1,000 I still have :) ).

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